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Two-dimensional code tobacco navicert applications

By using a two-dimensional bar code PDF417 data encryption of information security features, as well as materials security ink anti-counterfeiting features, the use of security inks printed tobacco navicert of security patterns and anti-counterfeit labels, and will feature information on tobacco navicert made dimensional bar code and printed on tobacco navicert, enhance and strengthen the comprehensive security capabilities tobacco and tobacco monopoly license navicert improve office efficiency and quality of management tobacco monopoly Bureau, strengthening tobacco market order and promote China's tobacco monopoly industries modern management.

Problems and Status Quo

Currently navicert monopoly license and problems of China's tobacco monopoly industries are: less security measures could easily be altered and falsified; and because of all the Tobacco Monopoly points scattered throughout the country, the region widely distributed, is not conducive to modern management.

the solution 

The use of digital encryption dimensional bar code technology, tobacco and tobacco monopoly license navicert conduct security identification and management to achieve anti-counterfeiting, anti-altering and strengthen tobacco monopoly business purposes. The system includes a two-dimensional bar code system and an encrypted two-dimensional bar code identification data management system.